On this page you will find frequently asked questions we receive about some of our items. Most of our product pages or blog posts will answer your questions but here you can find some answers, for quick reference. If you do not see what you are looking for here, be sure to email us at info@notyourmamascomal.com with questions.

Can these comales be used on an electric stove?

Yes, they can be used on gas, electric, or induction.

With the design should I use a brush to apply the oil & should I season first before using?

Using a brush to apply the oil is a good idea, as it would allow the oil to enter some of the crevices.

Do you make them bigger than what is listed?

For the single comal our current size is 9 1/2 inches in diameter. We can customize the comal to a larger size (within reason), just contact us at info@notyourmamascomal.com. We also carry a double comal, suitable for use on both burners of the stove.

How do you cure the comal before first use?

Your new comal should be cured with heat and oil before using. It might also require additional curing after first use. See our blog at https://notyourmamascomal.com/blogs/news/care-for-your-comal

Do you offer custom comal designs of my choosing?

Yes we do, again within reason given the size of the comal. Simply upload a silhouette of your design and place your order. If we have any issues with the design we will contact you. In some circumstances we will help design your silhouette, however it might require an additional cost for design time. For more information or to place your order go to: https://notyourmamascomal.com/products/custom-single-comal-with-your-design

Can you place letters and numbers on custom comales?

Yes we can, as long as they are not too small. The more detail and the smaller the letters or numbers the more difficult to cut onto the thick comal. Contact us at info@notyourmamascomal.com with questions.

For your hitch steps, do they fit the standard hitch that comes with the truck?

Yes they do. If you have a different size be sure to contact us with questions so we can ensure you receive the correct size.

Do you make custom items?

Yes we do. Contact us at info@notyourmamascomal.com with your ideas and we will work with you on designing and creating your piece!

This page will be updated regularly with questions as they arise.