About Fire Forms

Fire Forms is the namesake of our signature piece, a beautiful metal silhouette that sits in front of the glass of any wood or gas burning stove or insert. Shortly after launching under Fire Forms, our "Not Your Mama's Comal" became a wildly popular item, which can be used year-round whereas the fire form is a seasonal item, and thus became our flagship product.

Before we launched under "Fire Forms" our work was known as "St. Michael Metal Arts". While we continued to share our artistic items through that page, we have made the complete shift to Fire Forms. Our large, custom artwork is not generally available for order online, so you will not see those items on this site. But you can browse most of our work at our Fire Forms Facebook page.

We are a two-person team: one creating the beautiful artwork and the other in charge of marketing and the business side of things. At this time we offer our signature Fire Form, Not Your Mama's Comal single comal and double comal, Not Your Mama's Boombox, and Not Your Mama's Chile Ristra through our webpage, as well as a few other items. Some of our larger artistic items may eventually become available here from time to time as well so please check back regularly or join our mailing list! All items are labor intensive but the design of certain items allows us to offer them on a broader scale. We also prefer offering them directly to you rather than going through any type of middle-person so that you get the very best prices we are able to offer.

All of our pieces are CNC-cut, hand finished and signed by the artist and, depending on the function, are either unfinished or finished with a powder coat for lasting beauty.

We now have a blog to talk about some of our items, which has turned out to be quite fun. What prompted the blog was the question we regularly received, "It's pretty, but what is a comal?" We decided to give a little history on this awesome item, which makes a perfect gift for anyone with a kitchen, or for yourself if you own a kitchen! As you will read in the blog, the comal is used in Mexican and New Mexican cuisine to make tortillas. Tortilla making is a visceral experience. For the novice tortilla maker it evokes feelings of culture and home cooking regardless of your background or ethnicity. For seasoned makers, particularly those who grew up in homes where their mamas or daddies made the tortillas it evokes deep feelings of home.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything our items are sure to please. We are regularly coming up with new designs and are always open to communication. Feel free to sign up to our e-mail list and drop us a line! Note, if you have any questions about your orders please submit them to our email address info@notyourmamascomal.com. If you use our blog comment section for questions about your item we might not see them or get to them very quickly.

Thanks for checking out our page!